Monday, October 27, 2014

Homework 13: Game Document

Homework 13: Game Document
Assigned: Monday Oct. 27, 2014
Due: Thursday, Nov. 6, 2014

In this homework each team will create their game document that describes the current state of their game. The material will be distilled from previous homeworks and from their notes document. The game document can create links, images, videos. Images are very strongly desired. Images and videos must be described. Any material not created by the team must be sourcde (provide a link of the source of that material.)  The game document should contain the following elements:

Desired Game Experience
Game Objective
Story (level by level) (probably 1 to 2 levels only)
Characters and their attributes
emotions, weapons, powers, etc.
How are points generated
List of puzzles and their solutions
Puzzle discovery (where, how, when, in what order)
Describe winning strategies (one or more)
Level maps
levels, buildings, rooms, corridors, building content, etc.

Anything else of relevance

Take snapshots of your various objects, of scenes of your game, etc.

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