Thursday, September 24, 2015

Team Homework 1

Team homework: video
Assigned: Thur. Sept. 24, 2015
Due: Thur. Oct. 1, 2015

 This is the first video team assignment. In this assignment, the team will create a narrated video the presents the status of their game. This might include a description of the game, showing some assets, describing what you have done, any demo of mechanics, artwork? You might state problems you are encountering. The video must be at least 5 min long, but no longer than 10 min. Describe the four elements of the tetrad as it applies to your game. Please state in your blog, specific contributions of each team member, and expected contributions in the following week.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Class Participation 3

Create a landscape plan (on paper)
Assigned: Tue. Sept. 22, 2015
Due: Tue. Sept. 29, 2015

 It is time to create a landscape. Layout a plan on paper, with mountain, pathways, rivers/lakes, or whatever you see as consistent with our class game. Add approximate dimensions if you can. Take a picture of your layout and put it on your blog, AND send it to Danial and I.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Class Participation 2: asset generation

Class Participation: asset generation
Assignment due: Tue. Sept. 15, 2015

 We will need props and assets for the game. Using Blender, or any other modeling software, or search the web for assets. You will need to provide the asset in FBX format. The asset must be compatible with the class game. State its intended use, and provide a description of the asset in your blog. Include a picture. Include how it was generated, or the source (URL). Make sure there are no copyrights if you download an asset from the web. Assets should be relatively simple, and have less than 1000 polygons or triangles.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Homework 3: The Tetrad

Homework 3: The Tetrad
Due: Thursday Sept. 17, 2015

Now that you have an initial storyline, follow what we have done in class and apply it to your own game. Discuss each element of the Tetrad (Story, Technology, Art, and Mechanics) and how each element relates to the other elements. Suggest a minimal prototype for your game that if implemented would convey the essential elements of your game. Chapters of use in the book (2nd edition) are 4 (Venue), 5 (Tetrad), 12 (Mechanics), 17 (Story), 20 (Characters), 21 (Spaces).

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Class Participation Opportunity 1

Class Participation Opportunity 1

Provide a backdrop storyline for the 3D platforming game we will develop.
Assume this storyline would be on the back of a CD. Put the story on the blog and email Danial Smith and myself that you have done so.

For each story accepted, you get one point towards your final grade. Remember that you can accumulate 20 points maximum (maximum of two points per week).

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Homework 2 (Flesh out your game)

Homework 2: Flesh out your team game
Assigned: Tue. Sept. 1, 2015
Due: Tue. Sept. 8, 2015

In the following week, find the time to meet with your team, in person, or via some other means, and discuss the game you'd like to make during this class. Follow a process similar to what we did for the class game.

Answer the following questions:

  1. What type of game will you be creating?  [25 pts]
  2. What is the quintessential experience you'd like the users to feel? [25 pts]
  3. What is the theme of your game? [25 pts]
  4. Provide an initial storyline [25 pts]

(Please write at least one paragraph for each question. The homework is a team effort, to be answered in your game document.)

Feel free to include hand-drawn images, or images downloaded from the web for inspiration (in which case, you must provide your source to avoid loss of points.)

To learn more about experience and theme, read the following chapters from the Book of Lenses:

Chapter 2: The Designer Creates an Experience
Chapter 6: The Elements Support a Theme.