Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Homework 12: team tasks

Homework 12: team tasks
Assigned: Oct. 15, 2014
Due: Oct. 23, 2014

In this "team" homework, the team will present in the "notes" document, a list of tasks that must be accomplished by the different members of the team in order to take the game to a state that is "playable". Tasks can relate to esthetics, mechanics, story, interface, playtesting, python, etc.

For each task, assign one or more people, and a time frame in which the task is expected to be completed. Each person in the team is to state that they have seen the list and approve of it.

You will be assigned a score between 0 and 100% on this assignment. A member of the team gets less than perfect score if he/she does not acknowledge acceptance of the list (or offers alternatives). The list must take into account the remaining time to complete the game (6 weeks) and the difficulty of the various tasks.


Construct a security perimeter using near or collision objects.
Time to completion: 2 weeks
Responsible: Gordon Erlebacher

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