Monday, October 13, 2014

Homework 11. Chapter 13: Interfaces

Homework 11
Chapter 13: Players Play Games through an Interface
Assigned: Monday October 13, 2014
Due: Thursday October 23, 2014

Please read Chapter 13 and answer the following questions:

Not all items apply to all your games. If does not apply, please explain why it does not apply.

1) Describe the user interface in your game
2) What role will the interface play in your game
3) Intuitive interfaces give a feeling of control. How easy (or hard) is your interface to master?
4) Will your players have a strong influence over the outcome of the game? Please describe? If not, how can you change this?
5) Players like to feel powerful. Do the players of your game feel powerful? How could this be improved?
6) What does the player pick up and touch?
7) Does the interface map to actions in the world? How?
8) How does your interface let the player see, hear and touch the world of the game? Could this be improved in order to make the game world more real to the player's imagination?
9) The idea interface is invisible to the player. Does your interface cater to the players desires? What are these desires?
10) Can your interface be used without the players thinking? Is it natural?
11) Assuming you can do what you want, how would you make your interface more natural?
12) What kind of feedback does your interface present to the player? What do the players want to know? How does the interface relate to the player's goal? Will it help achieve that goal?
13) Is the interface feedback continuous? Why or why not?
14) Please describe the concept of interface modes? Does your game have multiple modes? Please explain (Lens #60).

As usual, please state in your blog (separate entry if possible), your contributions to your team's game.

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