Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Homework 1, Aug. 30, 2016

Homework 1: First Blog Entry
Assigned: Tue. Aug. 30, 2016
Due: Tue. Sept. 1, 2016

Your first assignment is:
  • Create a Blog at http://www.blogspot.com
    • email the name of the blog to the gerlebacher@fsu.edu and das10c@my.fsu.edu
      • Put gd2015 in the subject of the email so that I may easily find it
    • create a video with voiceover (your own voice) describing the content of the video (using for example Open Broadcaster Software)
    • upload this video to YouTube and copy the link into your blog
      • alternatively, embed the video directly into the blog.
    • Provide a description of this video in writing in the blog. 
    • Create a second blog entry that contains one or more images created by you. Include descriptions of each image in the blog entry. 
    • Find two games that you particularly like, provide links to them in the blog and state what you like about them.
  • Install the following software onto your computer: 
    • Unreal version 4.12.5
    • Gimp (or another software to manipulate images. Might be used for format conversion and texture manipulation)
    • Audacity (for sound editing and format conversions. Alternatives are also accepted.)
    • Blender version 4.77 (in case modeling is required)
  • You can use information at the following two links to help you out: 

  • Blog entry 1, maximum grade: 40
  • Blog entry 2, maximum grade: 40
  • Description of the two games: maximum grade: 20
  • Software installation: no grade. 
Bring your computer to class so you that we can work on Blender together.