Thursday, September 12, 2013

Homework 5: Blender Game Engine

Homework 5: Blender Game Engine
Assigned: Thur. Sept. 12, 2013
Due: Thur. Sept. 19, 2013

In this homework, you will each use the game engine with one or more of the objects that will be used in your game. Use the object(s) created in homework 3. You must use your object and in addition, you may use other objects created by your team members.

The homework will be created in your personal blog. You will put the Blender file somewhere to be downloaded and send me the link. If you cannot do this, email me the Blender file.

  • Use the game engine, combined with physics, to do something interesting with your objects. 
  • You must be able to move the objects with the keyboard (some combination of horizontal, perhaps with, vertical motion). Your characters could jump up for example. 
  • Use the add objects facility in your little engine simulation
  • Describe what you have done in your blog (using words). You can create a video to describe what you have done, but a text description is a requirement. 
  • Describe how use of the game engine will relate to the team game you are developing. Therefore, it might be a good idea for the team to discuss what each member is doing for this homework in order to help with the game development at a later time. The homeworks of each team member must be individual and not copies of each other. 
  • I want a video of your use of the game engine OR some images, that illustrate what you have done (in addition to text description.)

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