Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Homework 16: assemble game elements

Homework 16
Assigned: Monday Nov. 10, 2014
Due: Sunday Nov. 16, 2014

Note the due date: Sunday instead of Thursday.

Each team will send Dan and I a blend file with their game. This file should contain a "text" element named README that describes what a player needs to know to "play" the game or move around. There should be no guessing for Dan or I.

Make sure you

-  pack your textures and sounds
- link or attach all required files
- create an archive of all necessary files, textures, etc. needed by the game. These should all be in the same directory as the main blend file or in a sub-directory (directory and folder are synonymous).

This homework will save you time in the last weeks of this course.



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