Friday, November 7, 2014

Homework 15: self-assessment

Homework 15
Assigned: Fri. Nov. 7, 2014
Due: Fri. Nov. 14, 2014

In homework 12, you were asked to:

"present in the "notes" document, a list of tasks that must be accomplished by the different members of the team in order to take the game to a state that is "playable". Tasks can relate to esthetics, mechanics, story, interface, play testing, python, etc.

For each task, assign one or more people, and a time frame in which the task is expected to be completed. Each person in the team is to state that they have seen the list and approve of it."

Please report for this homework on the result for each task that you took on for your team's project. Assess the degree of completion, whether your timeframes were realistic, what you have accomplished, how your task was incorporated into the game. You will be graded according to the degree with which your task was accomplished, and whether you self-assessed realistically. If you tried to accomplish the task but there were roadblocks that you and your team worked on, that will be viewed in a positive light. Explain any issues you had (if any). 

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