Monday, September 8, 2014

Homework 4

Homework 4
Assigned: Mon. Sept. 8, 2014
Due: Thur. Sept. 18, 2014

Please answer the following questions related to game experience and game objectives, based on Chapters two (The Designer Creates an Experience) and three (The Experience Rises out of Game). Use your blog.

Chapter 2
  • Forgetting about the game, think about your player. What are the experience(s) you want your player to have. 
  • What are the essential element(s) of that experience. 
  • Suggest a few ways your game might capture those experiences. 
Chapter 3
    • Discuss a few ways in which you might include surprise in your game
    • How will your game be fun? 
    • Discuss the goals of your game (as it stands now).
    • State your thoughts on how you will make the player attached to your game, or motivated to play the game. 
    • What problems do you expect the players to solve in your game? 

    In your blog, state your contribution(s) to the team game for the period of Sept. 8 through Sept. 15th. 

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