Friday, September 5, 2014

Homework 3

Homework 3
Assigned: Thur. Sept. 5, 2014
Due: Friday Thur. 11, 2014

In this homework, you will use the Blender game engine to move objects around using the keyboard. Download at least (could be more) two objects from (please register. There is no cost.) You are limited to 200 Mbyte download per month, which is more than sufficient.)

You are not allowed to use the keys A/S/D/W. 

Please make sure that the objects used for this homework are relevant to your game. Explain how your team plans to make use of these objects within your game. 

You are free to use, or not use, physics on your objects. Keep in mind, that if you use physics, your object will fall, due to gravity, although gravity can be reset to zero or to a small value to slow down the fall. 

There is a lot of freedom, so please be creative. Blendswap has objects, floors, houses, landscapes. Shares objects among team members. Explore. This is all in support of your game. 

Make sure that each one of you states in his blog his/her contributions to the team game. 

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