Thursday, October 13, 2016

Homework 8, from Blender to Unreal to Git

Homework 8, from Blender to Unreal to Git
Assigned: Thur. Oct. 13, 2016
Due: Thur. Oct. 20, 2016

In this homework, each of you will create one (or more) object(s) in Blender that will be a part of your team's game. You have total freedom in the creation of this object. In your blog, describe the function/role this object(s) plays in the game and how it will be used. Include at least two pictures of your object: one when the object is in Blender, and a second image of your object in Unreal.  Import your object into your scene in Unreal, "push" your Unreal project to your git repository, and finally, provide a picture with all your team objects in your scene in Unreal.

In summary:

1) create one or more objects in Blender (15 pts)
2) Import these into Unreal  (15 pts)
3) Describe how these objects are used in your game (use your blog). The description should be in English prose, with full sentences/paragraphs. (20 pts)
4) Include two pictures of your objects (one in Blender, one in Unreal) (15 pts)
5) Upload your Unreal project to Git (git push or use the Desktop interface) (20 pts)
6) Once all the team members have uploaded their project, "pull" your project from git, and take a picture of all the objects within your scene.  (15 pts)

Each component has equal importance in the scoring of this assignment

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