Sunday, September 18, 2016

Homerwork 4: Pitch Document

Homework 4: Pitch Document
Assigned: Sun Sept. 18, 2016
Due: Sunday, Sept. 25, 2016

Please create your pitch document, and email it to us by Sunday night, September 25th. Read the book section, chapter 2 on Experience, which is crucial to game design.

The guidelines for the pitch document are:

1. Cover page: Title of project and group members.
2. Executive summary (1/2 page max): Briefly describe the game in two paragraphs.
3. Game Description (7 page max): Describe the game in greater detail. (Label and include
    a. Overview: (1/2 page max) Big picture of the game, main quest, main players, etc.
    b. The Quest: (1/2 page max) Describe the quest in further detail, obstacles, rewards, and the final objective. Is the game broken into levels or intermediate stages of gameplay?
    c. Main Character: (1/2 page max) Describe main character, powers, change with gameplay, firstperson, thirdperson?
    d .Sketch of Main Character: (1 page max) A sketch of the Main Character.
    e. Opponents: (1/2 page max) Describe main opponents, intelligence, attack, hide, or evade?
    f. Sketch of Opponents: (1 page max) A sketch of the primary Opponents.
    g. Environment: (1/2 page max) Description of the environment in which the game is played, outer space, urban, futuristic, etc.
    h. Sketch of World: (1 page max) A sketch of the level in which the game is played.
    i. Menus: (1/2 page max) initial menu screen and any options include a sketch.
    j. Controls: (1/2 page max) Describe interface (up, down, run, shoot, fast, slow).
    k. Sounds: (1/2 page max) Describe background sounds: music, footsteps, Vehicle, Door, etc. 

4. Summary (1/2 page max): This is the final sales pitch. Include a brief summary that would make someone want to buy your game!

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