Monday, December 7, 2015

Final Game Document

Final Game Document, due Wednesday Dec. 9, 2015

In the midterm, the game document had to contain the following elements:
- game objectives
- game experience
- goals
- rules
art (show images of the different characters)
- action of the different characters (main and auxiliary)
- list all objects in the game (static or not) and their role
- All elements of the tetrad.
- Balance, curves of interest, use of space. 
- Show and explain the HUD and provide pictures. 
- Describe sound and special effects. 

For the final game document: all the above must be included, plus the following:

- some screenshots of your game. Each scene should be represented.
- Any art not mentioned in the midterm document.
- descriptions of all puzzles (if there are any) and their solution
- any mechanics not described in the midterm game document
- any additions to your game that you did not have the time to consider. (optional)

The elements above will all have approximately the same weight.

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