Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Midterm: game document update

Midterm: game document update
Assigned: Thur. Nov. 5, 2015
Due: Thur. Nov. 13, 2015

Part 1 (Midterm)
Please update your game document to reflect the current state of your game. The game document should include game objectives, game experience, goals, rules (if any), story, various art (show images of the different characters), explain the actions the different characters (main and auxiliary) can take. List all additional objects (static or not) present in your game, and their role (if any). All elements of the tetrad must be considered. Discuss balance, curves of interest, use of space (all elements important to game design.) If the game as any menu or HUD, please explain and provide pictures. If there is sound and/or special effects, please explain.

Also provide the contributions of each team member to the game.
This game document will be updated for the final presentation (final exam) at the end of the course.

Of course, you have been updating the game document as you went along, so this is simply an update, and cleanup of the document.

Part 2 (Poster, not graded yet)
Please prepare a poster (using your software of choice). You are designing the cover of a DVD jacket, so include a title, and any additional text (optional). The image should reflect your game, including color schemes. The poster is a combination of screenshots or artistic depiction of a scene in your game (realistically rendered or not). You will present this poster in class (5 min each team) and get criticized by the others. These criticisms will be included in a second version of the poster to be presented along with your game at the end of class. We will make these posters for you.

Part 3 (Timeline for the rest of the course)
Please give a timeline of what your team has to do (with each member's planned contributions) between now and the end of class to complete the game you plan to present (as opposed to the idea game you'd like to make). Keep it realistic.

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